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Texas Food Handler Training

Take your Texas Food Handlers Certification from an official provider. 247 Food Safety is licensed and accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services to provide you online training in 3 languages:

Texas Food Handler (English)Texas Food Handler SpanishTexas Food Handler Chinese

We have the best and fastest online food safety training because our material comes from people working in the food service hospitality industry, and was specifically made for individuals in the food service hospitality industry. Our Texas Food Handler Certificate is made for anyone who works around food, this includes: Back of the house – Our hardworking food preps, cooks, chefs. Front of the house – servers, food runners, bartenders. Let’s not forget the convenience store clerks, folks at the grocery super markets, and more. 

Managers and owners in the food service industry must also obtain their Texas Food Handler Certification. People specifically turn to our online food training because not only do we provide everything you’ll need to know about safe food handling procedures in Texas but we also help you stay compliant with the law.

Texas Food Handler English
Texas Food Handler in English

Texas Food Handler Certification

This training will prepare you to become a responsible food handler. The purpose of the Texas Food Handler Safety Training is to prepare food handlers to enter the workforce by providing the required food safety information as specified by regulations of the Texas Health and Human Services.
Food Handler Español
Texas Food Handler en Español

Manipulador de Alimentos de Texas en español

Esta formación le preparará para convertirse en un manipulador responsable de alimentos. El propósito de la Capacitación en seguridad para manipuladores de alimentos de Texas es preparar a los manipuladores de alimentos para ingresar a la fuerza laboral brindándoles la información requerida sobre seguridad alimentaria según lo especificado por las regulaciones de Salud y Servicios Humanos de Texas.
Texas Food Handler 中文
Texas Food Handler 中文 Chinese


该培训将使您成为一名负责任的食品处理人员。 德克萨斯州食品处理人员安全培训的目的是通过提供德克萨斯州健康与公众服务部法规规定的所需食品安全信息,为食品处理人员进入劳动力市场做好准备。
Texas Food Handler 中文

Employer Accounts

Whether you’re a small business or larger corporation, as a manager you need to keep track of your employee’s Food Handler Training to stay compliant with Texas Food Safety laws. We created 247 Food Safety “Employer Account” to make your life easier. Here are just some of the features offered for free to employers: 1) Employee progress tracking. 2) Intuitive user friendly interface will have you up and running in minutes. 3) Automatic notification one month prior to your employees Texas Food Handlers Certificate expires.

Common Questions

Is your Food Handler course approved by the State of Texas?

Yes, 247 Food Safety is proud to say our official online Texas Food Handler course is licensed and accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), Texas DSHS License No.184.

Is your Food Handler course compatible with media devices like smartphones and tablets?

Yes, our online Texas Food Handlers course works with all smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops. With internet, you can take the course where ever and whenever you like.

How long is the online Texas Food Handler Course?

We value your time, and that’s why our online Texas Food Handler’s course is very fast. Our course gives you the knowledge to succeed; no timers, no annoying mandatory videos, no quizzes, and no final exams. You go at your own pace clicking through the course pages as fast or as slow as you wish. When you are done, you get your official Texas Food Handler Certificate. We make it easy for you, that’s why so many continue to choose 247 Food Safety.

Will my Texas Food Handler certificate be sent to me?

Upon completion of our course, you will immediately be able to download your official Texas Food Handlers certificate. You can then email the certificate to those requesting it such as Human Resources, Management, or yourself. You can also get more copies yourself at any time by logging in to your account.

I need to get my employees trained and need a way to manage their training. Can you help?

When managing the training of 5 or more employees we recommend using our “Employer Bulk Purchase” account. You can find it on our Home Page or you simply click –> “Employer Bulk Purchase”.

We have been told our User Interface is very easy to use and we agree. As a Group Leader you can create Groups and manage them right from the Groups Dashboard Page, i.e., manage employees in their groups, view your employee/ trainee progress, and purchase more seats for your groups as more employees need to be added. As a bonus our bulk purchases are offered at a discounted rate and all 3 languages (English, Spanish, Chinese) are automatically included for each employee so management won’t need to spend time finding out.

How long is the Texas Food Handler Certification good for?

Your Texas Food Handler Certificate is valid for 2 years. We recommend to not wait for your current certificate to expire before renewing your certificate because they would leave you and your employer open to liability. If your Texas Food Handler certification is expiring with in the next 60 days, we recommend you renew it as soon as you can to stay in compliance.